About Us

Digital Insurance Brokerage Serving All of Ontario

Begin Insurance started our journey in 2019 from the merger of two digital brokerages, IDEA Insurance and BTI Direct Insurance. Both IDEA Insurance and BTI Direct Insurance believed in combining the best aspects of a traditional brokerage with the best aspects of an online platform. The result: Clients get the expert advice and personal touch from licensed brokers, as well as the efficiency and choice from a digital brokerage. And in 2019, the two joined forces to further enhance these advantages.

What We Do

Up until now, insurance is always seen as a hassle because it's something you need to have. At Begin Insurance, we aim to make insurance more approachable and change the way you interact with insurance and your broker.

  • Have a question about your policy? Ask us, even if you're not yet our client. We'd gladly go over every detail.
  • Don't understand certain terminology? Check out our blog. We will explain everything in everyday language.
  • New to Canada? Our team can provide service in English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Spanish. 
  • Don't have time to see us? We are paperless and can do everything over the phone and email.
  • Feel better speaking in person? Come visit us in Markham or Hamilton. 

How We Do

Begin Insurance has access to top insurers in Canada in order to provide you with a product that you are happy with, whether in price, in service, or in coverage. We offer auto, home, tenant, travel, business and life insurance, and we can cater to many different markets and needs. 

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