Have an insurance claim? Don’t worry and don’t delay.

First, make sure you and your family are safe from harm. Call emergency services if anyone is injured or you feel unsafe. Collect your insurance documents and other relevant information. If you need immediate help, give Begin Insurance a call, or call the emergency number of your insurance company below if it's after hours. 

You can also start a claim yourself using our self-serve portal. Before you start a claim, read your policy carefully. If you're not sure, give us a call at 1.844.774.6340.

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Emergency Contact Numbers for Insurance Claims


Allianz Travel Insurance logo

1.800.995.1662 CA/USA Toll-Free
00.800.842.08420 Worldwide Toll-Free
Country Code + 800.842.08420 Worldwide Toll-Free

Orion logo

Orion Travel
1.888.303.1177 North America Toll-Free
1.519.251.5173 Outside North America Collect

Tugo Insurance logo

1.800.663.0399 Toll-Free
001.800.514.9976 From Mexico
604.278.4108 Worldwide Collect

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