Winter Tires Insurance Discount

Jan 8, 2020

What every Canadian driver needs to know about getting your winter tire discount...

Did You Know...

In January 2015, the Ontario Government made it mandatory for insurance companies to offer winter tire discounts for drivers who have winter tires installed.  Every insurance company in Ontario must offer the discount, but they all have different policies surrounding it.  Most companies will just take your word for it, but we advise you to keep your receipt just in case!  Some companies will require a receipt showing proof of installation. If you install them on your own, the insurer might require photos.

So What Are the Winter Tires Insurance Savings?

The discount is anywhere from 2% to 5% depending on the insurance company.  With an average Ontario auto insurance premium around $1800, this works out to an average savings of $36 - $90 per year.

But aside from the discount for winter tires insurance, safety is the greatest benefit.  About 50% of drivers in Ontario use winter tires, compared to nearly 100% in Quebec.  It has been proven that winter tires perform approximately three times better on icy curves and stop about 50% quicker.  With numbers like that, you can’t afford not to install winter tires, though every discount helps!

Do All Season Tires Qualify?

It's one of the most common myths that all season tires qualify.  They definitely do not qualify.  You must have four winter tires installed in order to get the discount.  All season tires are usually pretty safe, but they do not compare to the traction of a true winter tire.  It makes a big difference!

When Should You Put Winter Tires On?  

The winter tire dates for insurance are usually between November to April, which makes sense.  If you get into an accident and don’t have them on, the insurer will take away your discount.

It just makes sense to have winter tires, even if not for the discount. Want to know about other auto insurance savings? Give Begin Insurance a call at to get a quote, or try our instant quoter below:

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