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May 7, 2024

The Rising Wave of Vehicle Theft in Ontario: What You Need to Know

As we stepped into another year, the landscape of vehicle security in Ontario still presents a challenging picture. A recent study by the Équité Association, highlighted in their 2023 Auto Theft Trend Report, that vehicle thefts in Ontario have surged by over 48% since 2021, marking a significant and concerning trend. Additionally, across Canada, a vehicle is now stolen every 5 minutes, demonstrating the scale and urgency of the national auto theft crisis. This dramatic rise places Ontario among the regions most affected by this trend, significantly impacting community safety and contributing to a growing concern among Canadians about increasing crime rates in their neighborhoods. You can find the full 2023 Auto Theft Trend Report by Équité Association here.

Such statistics are not just numbers; they translate into significant consequences for vehicle owners and insurers alike. For instance, with each theft, the likelihood of increased insurance premiums becomes a reality. This is because insurers must adjust their risk assessments and pricing models to account for the increased theft risks, particularly affecting owners of models that are frequently targeted.

This increase in vehicle thefts has a dual impact. On one hand, it leads to higher out-of-pocket expenses for individuals through increased insurance premiums. On the other, it underscores the critical need for robust anti-theft measures. Many insurers are now waiving high theft surcharges for vehicles equipped with advanced anti-theft systems like TAG, which can lead to reduced premiums. This adjustment reflects ongoing efforts to support vehicle owners as they combat the increasing incidents of auto theft. Therefore, systems like the TAG tracker not only help in vehicle recovery but can also significantly lower the insurance costs by mitigating the risk profile of vehicles.

To move the discussion forward in the right direction, it's important to recognize which vehicles are targeted most frequently. Below is a list of the top 10 most stolen vehicles in 2022, as reported by the Équité Association, which highlights the models that are most at risk.


Make/Model Type


As daunting as these statistics are, they serve as a crucial call to action for every vehicle owner in Ontario. Embracing advanced security measures and understanding their insurance implications is no longer optional but essential. In this blog, we explore advanced anti-theft devices, with a focus on the TAG system, and detail how these technologies not only enhance vehicle security but also offer the potential for significant insurance savings.


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Types of Anti -Theft Devices Currently In the Market

As vehicle thefts continue to escalate in Ontario, understanding the different types of anti-theft devices available is crucial for protecting your vehicle effectively. These devices range from simple deterrents to sophisticated tracking systems, each offering varying levels of security. Here’s an overview of the most common types of anti-theft devices used today:

Mechanical Immobilizers

  • Steering Wheel Locks: These are physical devices that lock the steering wheel in place, preventing it from being driven. The visible presence of a steering wheel lock can also serve as a deterrent to potential thieves.
  • Brake Locks: Similar to steering wheel locks, brake locks prevent the brake or clutch pedal from being used, making the car undriveable.

Electronic Immobilizers

  • Kill Switches: Secretly installed switches that can interrupt the flow of electricity or fuel to the engine until disabled, making it difficult for thieves to start the car without knowing the switch’s location.
  • Smart Keys: These keys have chips embedded in them that communicate with a system in the car. If the key isn’t present or recognized by the car, the engine won’t start.

Audible and Visible Alarm Systems

  • Car Alarms: When triggered, these systems emit a loud noise that can draw attention to the theft attempt and scare off the thief.
  • Flashing Lights: Many alarm systems also include flashing lights that activate when the alarm sounds, increasing visibility and deterrence.

Vehicle Tracking Systems

  • GPS Trackers: These devices allow the car’s location to be monitored in real time, which can be invaluable in recovering a vehicle after it has been stolen.
  • Advanced Tracking Systems (e.g., TAG): Beyond simple GPS tracking, systems like TAG incorporate additional features such as 24/7 monitoring centers, nationwide tracking capabilities, and anti-jamming technologies that enhance the chances of recovering a stolen vehicle.

Among the diverse anti-theft devices available to protect vehicles, the TAG system stands out due to its comprehensive security features and popularity with insurance companies. This preference is largely due to TAG's proven effectiveness in reducing theft rates, which in turn can influence insurance premiums favorably. Let's delve into why TAG is highly regarded and how it integrates advanced technology to secure vehicles.

What is TAG? Understanding the System

TAG is a renowned anti-theft technology that has gained significant attention for its efficacy in preventing vehicle thefts. It incorporates a multi-layered approach to vehicle security, combining real-time GPS tracking with advanced electronic and mechanical deterrents.

Key Features of the TAG System:

  • Real-Time Tracking: Utilizes GPS technology to monitor the vehicle's location continuously.
  • RFID Electronic Identification: Vehicles are equipped with tiny RFID transponders on key parts, each with a unique serial number to identify and track stolen components.
  • Anti-Jamming Technology: For maximum reliability, Tag Tracking's special anti-jamming technology is paired with a very strong and secure communication system.
  • Autonomous Operation: Operates independently of the vehicle's main power supply, ensuring functionality even if the vehicle's battery is disconnected.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: A dedicated team is available around the clock to respond to theft alerts and assist in vehicle recovery.

In addition, according to industry reports, TAG boasts a theft deterrence rate of 99.82%. This high success rate has been pivotal in its adoption by both vehicle owners and insurance companies, showcasing its effectiveness in reducing the incidence of theft.

Impact of Installing TAG on Your Auto Insurance

Reduction in Premiums

Installing a TAG system can significantly impact your insurance costs in the following possible ways:

  • Lower Risk of Theft: Insurance companies often offer reduced premiums by waiving off High Theft Vehicle surcharge to vehicles equipped with effective anti-theft systems like TAG, as these vehicles are less likely to be stolen.
  • Potential for Rebates: While insurers like Aviva and Traders General Insurance previously offered rebates on TAG system installations to recognize the reduced theft risk, these specific offers have changed. Although initial rebate offers have evolved, it is still worth checking for any new promotions or discounts that might substantially lower expenses, particularly for owners of high-risk vehicles.
  • Favorable Policy Terms: Beyond just affecting premiums, having a TAG system can influence the terms of your insurance policy, potentially leading to benefits such as lower deductibles in the event of theft.

Enhanced Recovery Rates

The ability of the TAG system to facilitate quick recovery of stolen vehicles not only protects your investment but also reduces the likelihood of total loss claims that insurers need to cover. This reduction in potential payouts can allow insurers to offer more competitive pricing on policies for vehicles protected by TAG.

Hence, TAG not only provides robust protection against vehicle theft but also offers significant financial benefits through insurance savings. This dual advantage makes it a preferred choice for vehicle owners looking to enhance their vehicle's security and manage insurance costs effectively.

Where to Buy and Install TAG

To secure a TAG system for your vehicle, you have several options to choose from, ensuring accessibility across different regions and preferences:

TAG Official Providers

Visit the TAG tracking official website to find authorized installation providers near you. You can book an installation by going to TAG Tracking Installation Providers. This site lists all authorized dealers, ensuring you receive professional and certified installation services.

Other Recommended Providers across GTA:

  • Speedy Glass: Known for their auto glass repair services, Speedy Glass also offers TAG vehicle tracking installations. This makes it convenient to get your vehicle equipped with TAG during a routine service visit. More details can be found on their website at Speedy Glass TAG Vehicle Tracking.
  • Auto Links: Located in Toronto, Auto Links provides another option for TAG installation. They offer installation services and can be one of the choices if you are in the area. Their services can be explored further at Auto Links TAG Tracking Toronto.

Installation Process

The installation of the TAG system involves several technical and precise steps that ensure your vehicle is fully protected. Here's how it typically goes:

  • Booking an Online Appointment: If securing your vehicle is a priority, or if your insurance company mandates it, as a first step you should set up an appointment with nearest authorized TAG dealer. Be sure to consult your insurer as they might offset some of the installation costs depending on your coverage.I
  • Initial Setup: When you bring your vehicle to an authorized installer, they will first set up an account for you in the TAG system. This involves registering your vehicle's details and your contact information.
  • Device Placement: The installer will strategically place TAG transponders at various points on your vehicle. These transponders are small, inconspicuous, and designed to blend seamlessly with your vehicle’s interior and exterior. They are crucial for the tracking and recovery process.
  • Logo Placement: A discrete TAG logo is etched into the passenger and driver windows during installation, directly over the door handle. This can be a very powerful deterrent to potential thieves.
  • System Activation: Once the transponders are in place, the installer will activate the system. This includes connecting it to the central monitoring system that will track your vehicle’s location and status.
  • Testing and Verification: Before you leave, the installer will typically perform a series of tests to ensure that the TAG system is functioning correctly. This may include checking the signal strength of the transponders and confirming that the system is properly communicating with the central monitoring network.
  • Education on Usage: Finally, you will be educated on how to interact with the system, including how to check your vehicle’s status via the TAG app or website, and what to do in case of theft.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S) About TAG

1. Is installing TAG really worth it?
Absolutely. The TAG system is proven to significantly reduce the chances of vehicle theft with its advanced tracking and recovery technology. For vehicle owners, especially in areas prone to theft, investing in TAG not only offers peace of mind but can also result in savings on insurance premiums due to the decreased risk of theft.

2. Is TAG the best vehicle theft deterrent?
TAG is considered one of the most effective vehicle theft deterrents available today. Its success rate in preventing thefts is extremely high, largely due to its multi-faceted approach that includes real-time tracking, electronic identification, and autonomous operation. These features make it highly effective at both deterring and resolving theft incidents.

3. What is the cost of installing a TAG system?
The installation cost of a TAG system typically ranges between $400- $500. This price includes the setup of the hardware and access to the monitoring service that helps track and recover the vehicle in case of theft. Some insurance companies offer rebates or discounts that can offset this cost.

4.Can I use an Apple AirTag instead of a TAG device to locate my car after theft?
While Apple AirTags are useful for tracking personal items and can be used to track a vehicle's location, they do not offer the same level of security as a TAG system. AirTags rely on being near other Apple devices to relay location information, which might not be as reliable or consistent as the dedicated network that TAG uses. Moreover, AirTags do not offer preventative security features like electronic immobilization or autonomous operation.

5.Which cars are most targeted by thieves, and can push start cars also be stolen?
The most targeted cars often include those with high resale value or demand for parts, such as pickup trucks, luxury vehicles, and SUVs. Cars with keyless entry and push start features are also prone to theft, especially through relay attacks where thieves amplify the key fob’s signal to unlock and start the car without needing the actual key.

6.What are Reddit users saying about the effectiveness of TAG and other anti-theft technologies?
On platforms like Reddit, users often share positive feedback about the effectiveness of TAG systems, particularly praising their role in quick recovery after thefts. Discussions also highlight personal stories of how TAG has deterred thieves or led to the recovery of vehicles. Conversely, some users compare the cost versus benefits of different systems like TAG and simpler solutions like steering wheel locks or immobilizers. For detailed user reviews and more in-depth discussions on specific cases, consider visiting forums and subreddits like r/PersonalFinanceCanada and r/Ontario which are focused on such topics.


As we wrap up our discussion on the rising vehicle thefts in Ontario and the significant role of TAG systems in combating these incidents, it's important to recognize the broader implications for your vehicle insurance. Implementing TAG can not only enhance your vehicle's security but potentially lower insurance premiums due to reduced risk. For comprehensive coverage that matches your proactive security measures, consider reviewing your policy details or exploring new options. At Begin Insurance, we're here to help to help you with your insurance needs, ensuring you drive with maximum protection and peace of mind. Explore your options with Begin Insurance to ensure you have the right coverage tailored to your needs.


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In addition, to understand more about how vehicle theft is impacting insurance premiums across Ontario, and why areas like Toronto are particularly affected, read our detailed analysis in 'Grand Theft Auto: The Connection Between the Most-Stolen Vehicles and Your Insurance Premium in Ontario.' This article dives deeper into the broader context of vehicle thefts and their consequences on community safety and insurance costs.


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