Car Repair Shops Recommended by the Insurance Company

Aug 10, 2021

If you have ever been in a car accident, you know there are lots of little and major things to take care of. We always think that being prepared is the way to go. In a previous post, we talked about What to Do After a Car Accident. This time, we want to go over what your options are in terms of car repairs. As you might know, there are car repair shops recommended by the insurance company.

Why is that, you ask? There are many benefits associated with going to one of the approved car repair shops. Is it actually in your best interest, you wonder? Let’s take a look.

Work Is Guaranteed by the Insurer/Shop

The best reason to use a pre-approved auto repair shop is because the repairs are guaranteed. No matter what the cost, the insurer or shop will guarantee the vehicle is restored to its former state prior to the accident. This gives you added peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to worry about the quality of work that goes into your repairs.

Quality of Work Has to Meet High Standards

Speaking of quality of work, each approved auto repair centre must meet certain standards set by the insurance company. Not just any shop will qualify. Only the top repair centres will be certified to complete your work using highly trained professionals. There is also a layer of trust and fairness that is added by using someone who has been solidly vetted.

Not Using Preferred Shops Could Mean Higher Premiums for Everyone

In 2018, a study was conducted by Aviva Canada showing rampant fraud in most of the auto repair shops they randomly inspected. Some would bill for work that was never actually completed. Subpar parts were used and were billed as new parts. In some cases, the repair shops were even intentionally damaging vehicles and then invoicing for the repairs. These dishonest practices increase claims costs and premiums for all of us.

Read more here from Toronto Star article

Tow Truck Drivers

On the topic of scams and fraud, the same report also talks about tow-truck drivers. After an accident, often the first people on the scene are tow-truck drivers. Beware of random towing services that you don’t recognize, as they might steer you into the hands of a dishonest repair shop. There are incentives for towers to bring accident victims’ vehicles to a repair shop where they will become a victim for a second time.

Make sure to select a towing service that you recognize, such as CAA. They will guide you to the right place to ensure you get the proper repairs.

Is It Mandatory to Use Insurance Company Approved Body Shops?

No, it’s not required that you bring your car into an insurance-company-approved car repair shop. Some clients don’t trust their insurance company. Some might have an auto shop that they’ve been frequenting for many years. At the end of the day, it is a consumer’s right to use any repair shop they choose.

We just hope that you’ll choose a shop that you trust, and not just visit one that’s around the corner, in order to protect yourself.

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